Turning dead bodies into chop suey.

We Are Still Here is Ted Geoghegan’s debut feature film, and boy does it look like a doozy. Playing as part of the SXSW Midnighters and starring Barbara Crampton (You’re Next), Andrew Sensenig (The Last Exorcism: Part II), Larry Fessenden (I Sell the Dead), and Lisa Marie (Ed Wood) – We Are Still Here looks like it could be a heavy hitter and bloody good time.

The trailer doesn’t pull back any punches, delivering in-your-face gore, fright, and spectacular looking burnt creatures. The trailer got us so pumped we had to watch it a few times in a row. You can enjoy all the chaos for yourself right here:

You can also check out the synopsis:

After their teenage son is killed in a car crash, Paul (Sensenig) and Anne (Crampton) move to the quiet New England countryside to try to start a new life for themselves. But the grieving couple becomes the prey of a family of vengeful spirits that reside in their new home, and before long they discover that the seemingly peaceful town they’ve moved into is hiding a dark, terrifying dark secret. They must overcome their sorrow and fight back against both the living and the dead as the malicious ghosts threaten to pull their souls – and the soul of their lost son – into hell with them.




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