American Gaga Story.

Many may have had their ears and minds blown at Sunday’s Oscars when Lady Gaga sang her powerful tribute to The Sound of Music – but we had our minds blown today when she announced via Twitter that she will star in the next season of American Horror Story.

We still don’t have much information about the details of the show, but one can imagine that the season will be a nice throwback to classic films along the lines of The Shining. The Hollywood Reporter has also revealed that Lady Gaga will not only be in the new season but be the focus of American Horror Story: Hotel.

While Gaga might not have much acting under her belt – we can’t help but get excited at the idea of her being a part of such an in your face show. Gaga’s strange and often demented look and style will fit perfectly with the aesthetic of American Horror Story. And we can now assume with pretty strong confidence that the musical numbers will indeed make a return with the new season. Whether or not that’s something to look forward to depends on your taste. All we can say is: Roma-roma-mamaa. Gaga ooh-la-la!



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