Watch Arnold punch zombies in the face.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a horror movie…Say wha?! It’s true folks, in Hobson’s Maggie, Schwarzenegger plays A dad who’s trying to protect his soon to be zombified daughter.

The set up might sound comical to some, especially since Schwarzenegger is new to the whole horror genre, but the trailer is anything but. This is a deeply paced, methodical look at human nature and the relationship between a Father and his daughter under extreme circumstances. Oh yeah, and you get to see a grizzled Arnold kick zombie butt! I know it’s not going to happen, but I really, really want to see Schwarzenegger whip out a bazooka and blow up some zombie faces.

Here’s the official synopsis:

A mid western dad stays by his daughters side as she contracts a disease which slowly turns her into a cannibalistic zombie. To send her into quarantine or not to send her quarantine? That is the question.

The Govenator may get all the glory but this cast has some serious acting chops including Abigail Breslin,  Joely Richardson, Laura Cayouette and J.D. Evermore.

Maggie makes its world premiere at the Tribeca FilmFestival on April 22 and hits theaters and VOD on May 8. You can check out the trailer in all it’s glory below:



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