Will Mary Poppins save the day?

Julie Andrews is the latest thespian to join the cast of Leatherface, the prequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre being produced by Lionsgate.

In the updated plot breakdown, the future Leatherface and three other psychopathic teenage boys will break out of a mental hospital, and take her on a road trip with them. At first, it will be unclear which of these boys will eventually become Leatherface, and it will be sort of a mystery as to which one he is. Sam Strike and James Bloor have already been cast as two of these potential Leatherfaces, and Stephen Dorff will play a sheriff with a grudge against the future Leatherface.

Julie Andrews’ role in the plot is unclear, but there are rumors that she will play an aging Mary Poppins with dementia. In the back half of the film, Leatherface will invade her home and threaten her, only for her to save his soul through the supercalifragilisticexpialidociousness of music, creating an alternate timeline where there is no Leatherface at all.

The film begins shooting in May.



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