“Film is an art form. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.”

Promoting a film as unique and violent as The Human Centipede was going to be hard. With an idea that many people couldn’t comprehend, and a concept to disgust most of, well, society, it was mainly word-of-mouth that made the franchise such a surprise hit.

Now, with the third and ‘final’ sequence hitting cinemas on Friday, writer-director Tom Six spoke to the BBC about the impact his films have had.

“When I was casting the first film in New York, I explained the concept at the auditions and almost everyone walked away,” Six says. They thought the idea was just too disgusting. They’d say, ‘I didn’t go to acting school to be degraded in this way. You are a pervert!’ Eventually, we found actors with faith in the concept and the result has made movie history.”

He further explained how his films have been received, and he seems pleased with the responses.

“These are the films that teenagers dare each other to watch. I think people will be talking about the concept in 100 years,” he says. “Once you’ve watched the films the myth nests in your mind. You can’t get rid of it. People will tell their children about the idea.”

It’s hard to tell if Six genuinely believes his films are ‘movie history’ (I don’t), but either way I’m eager to see how his multi-million dollar franchises comes to an end.

The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence hits theaters May 22. Below is the trailer.