Secrets are the glue that binds sorority sisters together.

FOX is giving us an inside look to its new anthology comedy-horror series Scream Queens. Series creator Ryan Murphy and several cast members discuss the series and their characters with the most depth we’ve been exposed to yet. Like the best slashers, it looks to be full of red herrings and complex motivations.

The two most exciting parts of this, for me, are when Murphy describes the show as a cross between Heathers and Friday the 13th, and when he says, “they’re not waiting for a boy to come and rescue them, they’re the ones doing the rescuing.” Color me intrigued.

The synopsis:

All hell is about to break loose for the Kappa House sisters of Wallace University when a murder takes place, exactly 20 years after a mysterious death originally rocked their college campus.

The series stars include Emma Roberts (Scream 4), Jamie Lee Curtis, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer, and Lea Michele (Glee). Guest stars include Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas. We don’t have a premiere date yet.



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