Bella Thorne does her best Drew Barrymore impression.

Those who can’t wait the four days can now see the first 8 minutes of the new ‘Scream’ TV series which premieres on MTV June 30th.

It harkens back to Drew Barrymore’s iconic death in the opening scene of the original ‘Scream.’ Of course, since it’s modern times, there’s a lot more emphasis on the YouTube and the texting that all the kids are doing nowadays.

Between this and Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens on FOX, the slasher genre is making a big foray into television.

Whether or not the transition will be a successful one remains to be seen but if you’re a fan of teenagers in skimpy outfits getting massacred, then this clip promises this show should have everything you want.

Let’s be honest, if there’s two channels who can pull off the kind of sleaze needed to do up the slasher genre right, it’s MTV and FOX.

We don’t get to see a lot of the new Ghostface mask in action, but it looks creepy in the one good shot we do get.



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