Wait for it…wait for it…

New Line Cinema’s The Gallows has been generating some serious buzz ever since it’s first clip. The trailers all look legit scary and it could quite possibly put out one of the next iconic horror movie characters in “Charlie Grimmille” (Don’t say his name!).

In this new clip entitled “Wardrobe”, Two female characters play dress up in wardrobe and are having a flirty good time until one of them decides to play a little joke…unfortunately for her she didn’t get the last laugh. Confused? Intrigued? Well without further adieu I present to you the clip below.

Oh, and in case you’ve been living under a large rock that was rolled in the ocean and then withstood the shift of a tectonic plate – we got all the deets covered in our exlcusive interview with directors Travis Cuff and Chris Lofing! Make sure to check it out!



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