A fight to the death.


My viewing and review of Orca a few days ago got me thinking about the comparison between that movie and Jaws. So of course my mind turned to the important question: which sea beast would win in a fight? Read on and find out!

The combatants:

In one corner, we have a lean, mean, killing machine. It has only murder on its animatronic mind, and the teeth to carry it out. It’s the great white shark from Jaws!

jaws shark

In the other corner is the killer with a heart: the killer whale from Orca!


So who wins?

Now, sharks are easily the most feared creature from the ocean – possibly even on the planet. If asked to pick a creature that symbolizes death, you’d be hard-pressed to pick a better one than the shark, and for good reason. They have rows of serrated teeth, ready to replace each other if one breaks off.

The great white shark is the largest of all sharks (not counting the whale shark), growing up to 21 feet in length. Computer models suggest an average great white’s bite force can reach 18,000 newtons, which is, uh, plenty.

So the great white is basically the Walter White of the ocean. In other words, they are the ones who knock.

Pictured: Actual great white shark Walter White.

Pictured: Actual great white shark Walter White.

Of course, in real life, killer whales have been known to hunt great whites and even whales. And in the beginning of Orca, the whale in question easily kills a great white. (Though to be fair, a great white kills an orca in Jaws 2.)

The great white from Jaws is no ordinary specimen. Quint estimates it to be 25 feet long – it’s huge. It sinks Quint’s boat (which happens to be named Orca). And it’s definitely a lot meaner than your average shark. There’s no question that it can kill an average orca.

But not this orca. The titular creature from Orca is hardly average. It sinks several ships, causes a seaside house to collapse, and even manages to set fire to the docks. But its biggest advantage is that it displays an intelligence that matches human intelligence. It sets traps for the humans hunting it, and emotionally manipulates them as well.

There’s really no contest, here. The orca matches the shark in every way, and it’s far cleverer.

The winner: the orca.



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