It’s hot out. Cool down with these chilling videos.

1. “2AM: The Smiling Man” by Michael Evans

Based off of the Reddit submission of the same name by /u/blue_tidal, this four minute video serves as a sobering reminder to avoid walking home alone at night.

2. “Alma” by Rodrigo Blaas

Rodrigo Blaas used to work for Pixar, so it’s no surprise that, while unsettling, the animation in this video is undeniably cute. Which probably makes it even more terrifying.

3. “One Last Dive” by Jason Eisener

Have you heard of “thalassophobia”? It means “fear of the sea”, but can also refer to that delightfully uneasy feeling we get when we look at photographs and videos of sea creatures, debris, and vegetation below the water’s surface.

4. “Tuck Me In” by Ignacio F. Rodó

We’ve all heard this story and now none of us are tucking our kids in at night anymore.

5. “There Are Monsters” by Jay Dahl

“There are monsters. And they are coming to get me.”

6. “Jack” by Drew Daywalt

Who else is relieved Jack-in-the-Boxes went out of style?