‘Scream’ Episode 1.08: “Ghosts”

If you had to work the graveyard shift and missed MTV’s  Scream last night, fear not! This recap is so detailed, it’ll be just like you watched it yourself.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 11.33.55 AMIn last night’s episode of Scream, secrets about three secondary characters were revealed, adding even more complexity and mystery to an already complex and mysterious plot.  As always, the episode started off immediately where it ended last week: Emma being sprayed with blood as Will is murdered via chainsaw-tractor.  In a state of shock Emma walks away in her bloodstained clothes, past Will’s mother who is coming home from the grocery store.  The last image of the teaser is absolutely horrific: we are shown a back view of Will’s split body and his mother screaming and dropping her bags at the sight of her brutally murdered son.  Is it just me, or is watching the parents’ reactions to their murdered children even worse than watching the murders actually take place?

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After the opening credits is a montage of Emma being questioned by the police, talking to a psychiatrist, being prescribed anti-anxiety medication and/or antidepressants, and trying to process the shock and grief of witnessing the death of her first love without completely breaking down.  Piper records a new episode of her podcast, noting that she is now personally involved in the ongoing story of the Lakewood serial killer.

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We see Jake in the hospital recovering from his stab wound (miraculously, the knife missed his major organs– probably the least realistic line in the series thus far.  I mean come on; a knife was fully in his chest.).  Brooke is by his side, watching over him as he sleeps off some pain meds.  Noah comes in and confesses to tagging his car with “Doosh” (sic).  Jake wakes up to this confession, and to the news that Will is dead.  Obviously he does not take this well.

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Piper brings the blackmail surveillance tape of Mayor Maddox dragging a body out of his car to the police.  He is arrested shortly after and questioned by the police, who tell him that his daughter Brooke is concerned that he killed her mother.  He repeats that Mrs. Maddox is in rehab in Arizona.  He gives the phone number of the facility to the police to back up his story.  Brooke is assured that her mom is totes alive and receiving the best substance abuse treatment and privacy that money can buy.  She is finally able to talk to her mom.  But if her mom is alive and well, whose body was Maddox disposing of? More of that in a bit.

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Despite Maggie’s protests, Emma returns to school after many sleepless nights, equipped with a cup of coffee (reminiscent of A Nightmare on Elm Street).  She is barely able to concentrate in class.  She is also suffering from sleep deprivation-induced hallucinations (which is a thing that actually happens.  It’s not fun.).  Like we all do, she turns to Dr. Internet, MD to diagnose herself.  Noah and Audrey see her doing this and, like the good friends they are, tells her to cut that shit out immediately because the Internet is “alarmist” and she’ll only make things worse for herself.  Good advice for everyone.

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Speaking of The Wonder Twins, Audrey and Noah have been doing a renegade background check on their teacher Mr. Seth Branson.  Turns out, his relationship with Brooke is part of a pattern that he apparently has.  Before coming to Lakewood, he was a professor at a liberal arts college and going by the name “Seth Palmer.” Oh, and he had an affair with an 18 year old student who was found dead.  He disappeared before the investigation.  Audrey and Noah call Sheriff Hudson and the three find a bloody knife in a bag in Branson’s office.  Hudson puts out an APB.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 11.27.59 AMBrooke goes to see her dad in the holding cell.  He finally tells her the truth: her mom had been using again, and her dealer died in their guest house.  He wanted to protect his wife and daughter from the scandal and shame of drug addiction, and so he removed the body from their property without alerting the proper authorities.  Yeah, Maddox is definitely going to do some jail time for this.  So much for avoiding a scandal.

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After a few  particularly heinous hallucinations featuring Will squeezing a heart and then handing her a heart-shaped keychain , Emma is hospitalized overnight.  She is visited by her estranged father who the police have been searching for since Maggie was sent a box containing a heart along with a threatening note.  Her dad apologizes for his absence and for the fact that Emma heard his therapy tape.  Emma’s not having it; after all, in classic horrible dad fashion, he abandoned her and Maggie and hasn’t been in contact since.  Emma then has another hallucination, this time featuring her dad and the obstetrics ward of the hospital, complete with a repressed childhood memory of the night her dad walked out on all parental responsibilities.  In the memory, her dad keeps mentioning a baby that Maggie should never have had.  Emma thinks he means her.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 11.24.31 AMAt home and on a hunch, Emma watched the video that Audrey took when they were doing their tour of the abandoned hospital/ killer headquarters.  Along with x-rays of Brandon James, there were two sonogram pictures labeled “Margeret Anderson.”  Emma confronts her mom about this and Maggie delivers yet another bombshell: she got pregnant as a result of having a one-night hook-up with Brandon James and she decided to carry the pregnancy to term.  Her parents moved her out of town to avoid the stigma of teenage pregnancy and arranged a closed adoption– Maggie doesn’t even know the sex of the baby.  After Maggie recovered, her parents moved the family back to Lakewood.  The cover-up story was that her parents took her away to protect her from the media frenzy resulting from Brandon’s (alleged) killing spree.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 11.26.38 AMIn the final scene, Brooke makes a booty call to Branson (who simply cannot resist a vulnerable teenage girl.  Gag.).  The two start to hook up in the schools auditorium.  Just when Brooke is down to her underwear, Branson “hears a noise” and goes to check it out.  While he’s gone, the stage curtains open and a spotlight is set on Brooke, who is still half-naked.  The masked killer shows up and cuts Brooke’s arm before she is able to escape.  Branson appears once the slasher is no longer in sight, and explains that he got locked out.  Suddenly, the police arrive with a warrant for Branson’s arrest.

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Theories from this episode:

– Piper is the child from Maggie’s first pregnancy


– Branson is the child from Maggie’s first pregnancy

– Kieran is the killer.  Seriously, the guy gives off major serial killer vibes.