Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water.

Is it just me, or does it seem like horror reboots are at an all-time high this summer? Between A Nightmare on Elm Street, It, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Pet Sematary, and Halloween, it appears no franchise is safe from the reboot treatment.

And Jaws is no exception. Apparently Steven Spielberg isn’t above throwing originality into the water (see what I did there?) and is in talks for a reboot to the beloved franchise.

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Spielberg is in negotiations for “a distribution deal for DreamWorks before its current arrangement with the Walt Disney Co. expires in August 2016.” Hot on the heels of the success of this summer’s Jurassic World, which the Reporter says will make him “tens of millions of dollars,” Spielberg has his eye on the prize (the prize being Universal) for his next deal.

The article added:

The consensus among those with knowledge of the situation: Spielberg’s likely future home is Universal, where he has maintained his offices even as DreamWorks distributed its films through Paramount and then Disney. Spielberg, 68, who was a hands-on executive producer on Universal’s Jurassic World, is essential to future dinosaur movies (the next already is dated for June 2018) as well as associated theme-park attractions. Sources say Spielberg commanded his rich director’s fee for Jurassic World — a percentage of profit worth tens of millions of dollars — from which he then paid helmer Colin Trevorrow. He also is key on potential reboots of other Universal franchises such as Jaws and Back to the Future. Universal declined to comment, as did DreamWorks. A Universal source says “the studio would welcome the chance to be DreamWorks’ distribution partner” but any deal is premature.

This deal is said to greatly benefit DreamWorks who suffered immensely due to the Disney shuffle.

So basically, since both Jaws and Back to the Future were name-dropped, and Spielberg has been quoted as saying that he’s had ideas in his head for a Jaws reboot (and even specific scenes dreamed up), that we’ll be seeing new versions of the old films in theatres in the next few years. On one hand, Spielberg has a shot to make Jaws even better given the tremendous advances in technology since the original films were released. On the other hand, it’s Hollywood, so the effects very well could be over-the-top and tacky. It’s a super delicate line and only time will tell if the Jaws reboot will jump the.. er.. shark.



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