It’s here!

While we’ve been given lots of short teasers, images, and tidbits about the characters slated to appear in the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Hotel, we haven’t yet seen a full-length trailer for it. Until now.

FX has released the first full cast trailer for the fifth season of the popular show, and we can’t wait.

The trailer, titled “Hallways,” is the first to offer actual footage of the cast of the season, including the hotly-anticipated debut of Lady Gaga.

The Hollywood Reporter says:

Season five stars Gaga as Elizabeth, the Hotel Cortez’s evil owner and a “wealthy social doyenne who is consumed with art, fashion and people and [who] has a nefarious plan that is revealed in the first episode that plays out over the season,” showrunner Ryan Murphy told reporters in August at TCA.

While the season is the first without leading lady Jessica Lange, the regular players in the cast are all mostly returning. Kathy Bates plays Iris, who runs the hotel; Angela Bassett is Ramona, who has a strong and nasty relationship with Elizabeth and Finn Wittrock‘s male model Tristan; Evan Peters is Mr. March; Matt Bomer is Donovan; and Sarah Paulson will play Hypodermic Sally, who hates Iris and has a dark relationship with Wes Bentley‘s detective, who is investigating a series of grisly murders and staying at the hotel with his wife, played by Chloe Sevigny.

The Hotel cast also includes Emma Roberts, Richard T. Jones, Denis O’Hare (as a character fascinated with Elizabeth Taylor who also shares her name), Lily RabeCheyenne Jackson as a fashion icon, Max GreenfieldGlee‘s Darren Criss and Madchen Amick.

American Horror Story: Hotel premieres Wednesday, October 7th on FX.

Check out the trailer here: