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Yesterday, the first international trailer for the newest horror to emerge from Denmark arrived.  The film is titled What We Become and it was written and directed by Bo Mikkelsen (Are You Sleeping).  This is Mikkelsen’s first feature– at this point he has only directed and written short narrative films and short documentaries.  But judging from the trailer, What We Become will likely not be his last.

Here’s the official synopsis:

The summer is shaping up to be perfect for the Johansson family. The weather is gorgeous, and the community warm and friendly. Even teenaged Gustav is feeling good about life in general, thanks to the new girl who has just moved in across the street. But this perfect suburban life is abruptly shattered by the arrival of a mysterious virus. Unexplained deaths are followed by panic and a full lockdown, families sealed into their homes by patrolling bio-suited soldiers. With things quickly escalating and no information forthcoming, it isn’t long before Gustav takes matters into his own hands.

Admittedly, this is not an original story.  The trailer, however, promises a somewhat fresh take on the whole “bio-scare” genre, complete with claustrophobia, government action, and the emotional impact of trying to survive a plague.  What We Become will premiere at the London Film Festival on October 13th and will be released to Danish cinemas in March 2016.



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