The photographer becomes the subject.

I’m not quite sure how to categorize today’s pick for the Halloween Countdown.  Is today’s film a psychological thriller, a body horror, or an animalia terror? Perhaps it is a combination of all three.  Foxes was written by Garret Shanley and directed by Lorcan Finnegan in 2012.  The 16-minute-long film tells the story of a struggling photographer who becomes obsessed with taking pictures of the foxes who wander into her yard at night.

Foxes stars Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Karen Griffin, and Marie Ruane as the film’s protagonist.  Although the dialogue is sparse, Ruane brings a muted desperation and insanity to her role, which is complemented by the exquisite cinematography executed by Miguel “Macgregor” de Olaso.  The quietly foreboding atmosphere, combined with the isolated setting of an empty housing estate act as the perfect backdrop for this chilling fairy tale of a film.

Foxes won Best Short at the 2012 Irish Film & Television Awards, Best International Short at the 2012 Kaohsiung Film Festival in Taiwan, and Best Short Fiction at the 2012 Clones Film Festival.

Please note that this film is Not Safe For Work.  Then again, if you’re at work, you probably shouldn’t be on this website anyway.