What an excellent day for an exorcism.

Sure, Washington D.C. boasts a couple of things that visitors flock to see — The White House, the National Mall, Capitol Hill, all those museums — but when I visited D.C. a few years ago, the top thing on my list was to visit the Exorcist steps in Georgetown. If you haven’t seen the movie (if you’re reading this and you haven’t, you need to. They just removed it from Netflix but I’m begging you — it’s a horror classic for so many reasons) I won’t spoil why these steps are iconic, but we’ll just say they are a very steep set of steps not for the faint of heart. I pretty much applauded a group of fitness buffs who included the steps as part of their workout. They are intense.

It’s a fun site to see for any horror fan, and D.C. officials have realized it, so they honored the steps as an official tourist attraction. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser unveiled a special plaque at the site, saying: “It is important that all the tourists know exactly what these steps mean to D.C. history and they are indeed an icon in our town,” she said. “It is also a marker for us to put in the ground to say that we are going to double and redouble our efforts to make D.C. a film town.”

The ceremony was followed by a screening of the 1973 horror film with director William Friedkin.

Here’s the famous scene where the steps make their mark on film history:




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