So, a psychologist/director and a model/entertainer walk onto a film set…

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.57.40 AMThis isn’t a joke; this is something that actually might happen.  Psychologist-turned-filmmaker Susannah O’Brien, PhD, has announced her most recent project– a slasher titled The Doll.  The film will be attached to Sahara Vision Productions, the media production company of which Dr. O’Brien is president and CEO.

So far, only a few details about The Doll have been released.  We know that the makeup and special effects will be designed by Jerry Constantine (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), that the film will be shot by Alister Conway, and…the titular doll will be played by Valeria Lukyanova, AKA, “The Human Barbie” (although, she has stated in an interview that she does not care for this title).  We also have an official synopsis:

In this horror film, with a psychological twist, a Dr. gone mad brings to life sexy possessed human dolls in his Barbie making factory. But, this is NOT your mother’s Barbie! Created from body parts of previous victims these dolls are sewn together to pose as mail order brides programmed with a talent to kill.

When Eddie’s girlfriend leaves him he orders Natasha (Valeria Lukyanova, “The Human Barbie” to fill the physical and emotional voids in his life. Mesmerized by the perfection of her beauty and body leaves Eddie in an infatuated awe and her possessed behavior goes unnoticed as Natasha carries out her purpose…to fuel her killing fetish that takes place in Eddie’s guesthouse. When his girlfriend comes back to the house Natasha drives her blood thirsty fury towards the two of them.

As we all know, making a film, particularly of the slasher variety, is expensive, so an Indiegogo page has been created to raise funds for the production of The Doll.  The page promises various perks for contributors and has, so far, generated $3,020 in donations (out of the desired $1,000,000).

I can honestly say that I hope this film is produced and distributed.  The premise is original, the talent attached to the project is promising, and the fact that the film was written and will be directed by a psychologist, who has stated (via her IMDb page) that “working with and analyzing the human psyche has helped her to create realistic characters and understand their motivations,” is quite exciting.

Although The Doll is still in preproduction, another film by Dr. O’Brien, titled Encounter, will hit theaters in the United States December 1st of this year.  Check out the trailer below!