Hold your breath!

We’ve got a trailer for the upcoming horror-thriller Submerged, starring Jonathan Bennett (of Mean Girls fame), Cody Christian (Teen Wolf), Talulah Riley (Inception), Tim Daly (Diner), Mario Van Peebles (Jaws: The Revenge), and Willa Ford (Friday the 13th).

A brief synopsis of the film:

Jonathan Bennett stars as an ex-soldier turned bodyguard hired to protect a young woman. But while cruising with a group of friends one night, their stretch limo is run off the road and underwater by a gang of ruthless kidnappers—who then dive in to finish the job. Suddenly it’s sink or swim, as the bodyguard must fight to keep the vehicle from becoming a watery grave.

Submerged will be released on VOD and in limited theaters on November 27th.



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