Here’s everything we know so far:

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 1.21.19 PMMost of you have seen the classic 1978 film Halloween and many, if not all, of the sequels.  You may have even sat through the 2007 Rob Zombie remake and its 2009 sequel.  The last five Halloween movies were distributed by Dimension Films, which also owns the rights to the Scream franchise, the later Hellraiser films, and The Children of The Corn.  Six months ago, Dimension Films announced plans for a new Halloween installment, which was to be titled Halloween Returns and produced by Malek Akkad, who was responsible for both of Zombie’s contributions to the franchise.

Well, the new movie is probably not going to happen.  Because after twenty years, Dimension Films just lost the rights to the franchise.  Not entirely surprising, considering that this is a company that is notorious for trying to target all of its horror films to teenagers with PG-13 ratings.  As our friends over at iHorror aptly put it, “Dimension is not a friend to horror.”  According to Bloody Disgusting, and confirmed by Forbes, the rights to Halloween has reverted back to Miramax.  The executives there are searching for a new distribution studio, and are apparently keeping Akkad on as a producer.

On a more speculative note, the distribution rights are most likely going to go to either Paramount or New Line Cinema, who both have a measurable rate of success with horror franchises.