They find you. They curse you. They consume you.

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Greg McLean‘s new film, The Darkness, finally has an official trailer and release date.  Formerly titled 6 Miranda DriveThe Darkness tells the haunting tale of a family who accidentally brings back vengeful spirits home after a trip to the Grand Canyon.  In an interview with SBS, McLean stated, “The story is based on a true story that was relayed to me first-hand many years ago about an actual haunting.” Whether or not this factoid is actually true is yet to be determined.  No matter, though, because the trailer looks fantastic.

The Darkness stars Kevin Bacon, Radha Mitchell, David Mazouz, Lucy Fry, Matt Walsh, Jennifer Morrison, Parker Mack, and Ming-Na Wen.  The film was co-written by McLean, Shayne Armstrong, and Shane Krause, and was produced by Blumhouse Productions and Chapter One Films.  The Darkness hits theaters Friday, May 13th, 2016. Until then, check out the trailer!