In case you haven’t heard, March is Women’s History Month.  During this time, people like to post online about women who are heroic, who are intelligent, and who have made breakthroughs in their field.  You’ve probably read Facebook posts about Malala Yousafzai, Hedy Lamarr, and Madam C. J. Walker, among other incredible women.  Here at Horror Film Central, we’re going against the grain.  Instead of celebrating women who inspire admiration, we’re celebrating the ones who inspire fear.  Here are our favorite female horror villains:

1) Margaret White (Carrie)

Margaret White may not have telekinetic powers like her daughter Carrie, but she somehow manages to be the most terrifying character in both the movie and the book.  Mrs. White is a religious zealot who practically makes Michelle Duggar look secular.  She was famously portrayed by Piper Laurie in the 1976 film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name, and then by Julianne Moore in the 2013 reboot.

2) Annie Wilkes (Misery)

The ultimate obsessive fangirl, Annie Wilkes traps her favorite author in her home, and goes to terrifying lengths to keep him there.  Another Stephen King creation, Annie Wilkes was the role that shot Kathy Bates to fame in 1990.

3) Elisa (Para Elisa)

A relatively new villain, Elisa is a perpetual child who lives with her formerly-famous mother.  Prone to violent outbursts, Elisa has a habit of holding young women hostage to play with her.  Elisa was played by Ana Turpin in 2012.

4) Pamela Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

We can’t have a list like this without Mrs. Voorhees.  After her only child, Jason, tragically died due to negligence, she made it her life’s mission to keep Camp Crystal Lake permanently shut down.  After the camp reopens, she’s tipped way over the edge and embarks on a killing spree. Pamela Voorhees was portrayed by Betsy Palmer in the first two films in the franchise, and later played by Paula Shaw in 2003’s Freddy vs Jason.

5) La Femme (À l’intérieur)

This twisted, unnamed antagonist is every pregnant woman’s worst nightmare, right after mercury in fish and bacteria in soft cheeses.  La Femme forces her way into the protagonist’s home with the grisly goal of killing her and stealing her unborn baby.  La Femme was played by Béatrice Dalle in 2007.

6) Asami Yamazaki (Audition)

Where do we even begin with this one? Asami survived an abusive childhood, only to become a psychopathic adult with a penchant for needles and piano wires.

7) Nancy Downs (The Craft)

Nancy, played by Fairuza Bulk in 1996, is introduced as your typical high school outcast: she’s poor, goth, and is friends with the other “losers” at her private Catholic school.  When she and her friends welcome Sarah into their group, completing their coven, things start to look up.  Until she discovers that Sarah is a more powerful witch than she is, leading Nancy to fly into a jealous rage.

8) Minnie Castevet (Rosemary’s Baby)

Minnie Castevet isn’t just the elderly, busybody neighbor of Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse.  She’s a Devil-worshipping cult-member who orchestrates Rosemary’s rape and impregnation by Satan.  Portrayed by Ruth Gordon in 1968, Minnie Castevet is the reason I don’t talk to my neighbors.

9) Baby Jane Hudson (What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?)

In 1962, Bette Davis played Baby Jane Hudson: a washed-up former child actress who torments her wheelchair-bound sister while trying to recapture her lost youth and fame.

10) May Canady (May)

May Canady blossomed from an awkward kid with a lazy eye, to a beautiful adult with some homicidal tendencies. It’s really your classic Ugly Duckling story. You know, with some added slicing and dicing.