American Horror Story: Roanoke: 6×08

Too busy watching The World Series to make time for American Horror Story: Roanoke? We see where your priorities are.  Here’s what went down.

In the end of the last episode, Shelby and Dominic witness The Butcher and her ghostly cronies killing Agnes.  Now, they’re trying their best to stay alive.  They hide from the window so that the ghosts can’t see them upstairs.  Shelby leads Dominic to the tunnel to escape, but in the basement, they encounter the ghosts of the previous owners.

At the Polk farm, Mama Polk sharpens her knife and quizzes her sons, Ishmael, Lot, and Jether about the best cuts of meat from a human body.  She refers to Lee as “it”.  When Lee protests the objectification, Jether explains: “If you ain’t Polk, you ain’t people.” Mama Polk tells her that during The Great Depression, some hobos slaughtered and ate the Polk family’s last pig, and in retaliation (and to avoid starving to death), the Polk family slaughtered and ate the hobos.  Lee tries to threaten them with the law, but Mama Polk isn’t nervous– the police department has been buying the marijuana they grow for years.  The Polks then cut off Lee’s ear and cauterize the wound on her thigh, where Mama Polk had cut out a chunk.

Jether is then left with Lee.  Lee attempts to bond with him and appeal to whatever humanity he has.  He tells her that he’s jealous of his brothers because they got to be on TV.  Lee promises that if he helps her escape, she’ll make him a star.  Jether isn’t swayed.  He tells her that she can’t leave the farm– and neither can he.  He snorts some cocaine and offers some to Lee to take the edge off; Mama Polk is going to take a chunk out of her shoulder next.  Lee realizes that there’s no point in keeping her sobriety if she’s going to die.  She snorts a line.

At the house, Dominic and Shelby try to barricade the doors to escape the ghosts.  Shelby is hopeless and Dominic tries to reassure her.  The Piggy Man attacks them, and they escape, only to face the other ghosts.  The chandelier in the foyer falls to the ground, hitting Shelby.  Dominic pulls her to safety and they lock themselves in the bedroom.  Shelby laments killing Matt and says he was the only man she ever loved.  Before Dominic can stop her, she stabs herself in the throat.

Lee calls to Jether and asks him to take out the picture of Flora she has in her pocket to show her.  Her next request is to record a message for her daughter.  Jether covers up the wounds on Lee’s shoulder and leg before focusing the camera on her.  She tells the camera – and Flora– that she killed Mason and that she acted alone.  Lee tells her daughter that she wants to spare her a life of doubt and urges her to rise above it all.

Jether admits that he’s never killed anyone, but it’s his turn.  He doesn’t want to kill Lee, though; he likes her.  Lee uses this to her advantage and offers to have sex with him.  Jether unties her hands and she instantly puts him in a chokehold, incapacitating him.  She then cuts his throat.

Dominic talks to directly to one of the house cameras.  He thinks he’s addressing Sidney.  He demands to know why he hasn’t come to save him, and begs for help.

Meanwhile, Ishmael and Lot Polk record themselves tormenting Audrey and Monet.  They tell them that they wear necklaces made out of teeth to protect them.  They make a move to pull out Monet’s teeth, but the chair she’s tied to breaks.  She manages to free herself, promises Audrey that she’ll come back for her, and escapes.  Mama Polk comes in and orders Ishmael and Lot to go after Monet, and gets ready to remove Audrey’s teeth.  Audrey calls her a “pig fucking psychopath” and tells her she must have copulated with a pig to end up with her sons.  Mama Polk tells her that she killed Rory and Audrey insults her again.  Mama Polk manages to rip out a tooth before Lee appears and knocks her out. Before they escape, Audrey bashes in Mama Polk’s face with a hammer.

In the woods, Ishmael and Lot find Monet.

Lee and Audrey reach safety in the basement of the house.  They stumble upon Matt’s dead body.  Lee is distraught and while Audrey is empathetic, she urges her to keep moving.  They see the ruin of the foyer before making their way upstairs.  In the bedroom, Audrey gives Lee some of the OxyContin that she had in her suitcase.  Then, Audrey finds Shelby’s dead body…and Dominic holding a bloody knife.  Dominic tries to explain what happened, but neither Audrey nor Lee believe him.  Lee forces Dominic out of the room and locks him out.  He is immediately stabbed to death by the Piggy Man, who was waiting outside.  Audrey records a last message to her fans.

Finally, morning comes.  Audrey and Lee survived the night.  Lee tells her that they need to go back to the Polk’s farm to get the videos of them killing the family.  Audrey thinks that the law will be on their side– after all, the Polks were torturing them.  Lee tells her that if the wrong people get their hands on the tapes, all anyone would see is Audrey murdering Mama Polk.  They go downstairs and open the door to come face-to-face with the Piggy Man.  Audrey hits him in the head with a crowbar, and the Piggy Man dodges her blows.  He takes the pig head off.  Turns out, it’s not the real Piggy Man.  It’s some guy they know named Gillian.



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