Say hello to our boom stick.

There are people who like going to the occasional fright flick and then there are people who literally live for it. If you’re reading this, you know what we are talking about. The kind of people who read ghost stories under a blanket with a flashlight as soon as they can read. The kind of people who walk around the house with all the lights off just to freak them the hell out. The kind of people who experimented with different combinations of corn syrup and red food coloring to make the perfect fake blood for their indie horror flicks.

We can go on but the point is – we are the those kind of people. We love horror so much that we decided to make a website about it. So if you want to hear some new opinions about all things that go bump in the night; take a look around. We have a lot of big plans in store as we continue to grow. So stay awhile and listen… er read as we officially welcome you to Horror Film Central.

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