DOOM gets busted.

If you’re a horror fan who also enjoys some good old fashioned gaming (like us) then you’ve definitely played some iteration of DOOM. Maybe you’ve played the the 1993 classic by Id Software or the darker and moodier DOOM 3 that hit the Xbox. Or maybe you were unfortunate enough to see the film (that first person sequence towards the end was pretty rad though, admit it).

Well DOOM fans rejoice, this Saturday the hosts of Mythbusters will team up with Id Software’s Tim Willits for a special episode that will be about all things DOOM. We’re not sure how many “scientific” questions can be solved when you’re dealing with demonic aliens on Mars – but who cares! Let’s celebrate all things digital and demonic on the Discovery Channel this Saturday, January 31st at 9/8c.

For now, check out this teaser:



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