Horror music for a Carpenter movie that never existed.

I’m going to say something that everyone already knows. John Carpenter is almost perfect. Sure, he’s made a few dudes later in his career. But we can just pretend those don’t exist… right?

But let’s forget about the films for a second. If you’re one of the few who didn’t know, John Carpenter wrote and recorded his own score for many of his films. And they are damn-near perfect. His sounds always bring me back to a time when true fear came in the form of fantastic synth tones. Back when blood was bright red and sticky.

So of course when I found out that he would be releasing an entire album of wholly original songs in 2015 – I was ecstatic. Titled Lost Themes, John Carpenter has put together an instrumental LP that sounds like a film soundtrack from his classic days – but is wholly original a new stuff. In other words, it’s perfect.

Lost Themes will drop on Feb. 3rd on the Sacred Bones record label. But until then you can now stream the entire album, courtesy of NPR. So what are you waiting for? Why am I still writing this? Give the whole thing a listen right here.

John Carpenter Lost Themes cover



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