Going from big to small.

Most of us are already well aware of Shyalaman’s upcoming film The Visit that will be hitting theaters September 11, 2015. But in a big Shyalaman twist – it seems that he’s well at work on another,  much smaller budget thriller according to one of the director’s recent tweets:

Could this be M. Night Shyalaman’s master plan? The next level in his trademark horror movie twist endings? Maybe we’re supposed to watch The Visit only to find out that the second smaller film is actually supposed to take place in the middle of The Visit. And if you cut the two films in half and re-edit them in order it creates a new super twist of a film!

Okay, okay maybe we took that too far. In all seriousness though, this might be the breath of fresh air Shyalaman needs to get back on track after a slew of big budget thrillers that just couldn’t take off for most critics and fans. At the very least, we can’t knock the filmmaker for being lazy. Always hard at work – we’re interested in finding out more information about this new film as it becomes available.

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