Halloween comes early.

Anyone who’s understands the boogieman that is Michael Myers knows that he cannot be killed. So it’s no surprise (though a very exciting announcement) that The Hollywood Reporter has officially announced that Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (Saw sequels, Feast, Pacific Rim) have been selected to pen the newest entry in the Halloween horror franchise.

Sources say it’s not a remake, reboot, nor a re-imagining. And if our pals over at Bloody Disgusting are to be believed – not only will it not be a remake, but it will NOT follow Rob Zombies 2007 remake and its 2009 sequel. It will also not be released in 3-D back when Patrick Lussier (My Bloody Valentine) and Todd Farmer were involved years ago.

One source claims that the film will simply be a “recalibration.” Whatever that means. Honestly, there are so many different names for reboots and remakes that we don’t know what any of this means anymore. For now it looks like they’ll just leave us hanging…

Halloween Stabbed Against Wall

What we can assume is that it will be taking the franchise in a different direction which is probably a good thing. Not that we mean to knock Rob Zombie (because we love Rob Zombie) but the super gritty style just didn’t feel right for the franchise in our opinion.

Malek Akkad and Matt Stein will be producing. Akkad has been involved with the franchise since the mid 90’s and has been producing since the Rob Zombie remakes.

So the big question remains. Do you think this “recalibra-whatever-you-call-it” will be any good? Or just another notch in the “stop doing horror remakes” bed post?