A very real documentary about a fake documentary.

The Blair Witch Project is a legendary film and quit possibly one of the most important horror films to be released in the last 15 years (Well, 16 years… but who’s counting?). While it wasn’t the first horror movie to use the found footage idea, it was definitely the most influential- taking sway over the entire movie going public.

Now all this time later, we have a very real documentary that looks at how The Blair Witch Project was made. Called The Woods Movie and directed by Russ Gromm, the film is set to premiere as part of the Film4 FrightFest Glasgow on February 28th.

The Blair Witch Project is important not only for heralding in the found footage genre, but also for championing true independent film making. Lighting a torch for all of the horror cinephiles out there that so desperately want to create terrifying films but didn’t think they had the finances to do so. So this The Woods Movie could be a very interesting insight into the independent mindset and creative vigor that created such a phenomenon.

Only time will tell how revealing this is, but for now check out the trailer and synopsis below:

In October 1997, a group of filmmakers ventured into the Maryland woodsto produce a low budget independent horror movie. THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT would become a global phenomenon and began the ‘found footage’ genre that remains a potent force today. Now for the first time you can see how that record-breaking groundbreaker came into being. From never-before-seen recordings of pre-production meetings, audition tapes and test footage to the actual shooting, first preview screenings and marketing at the Sundance Film Festival, all the key personnel guide you through the discussions and decisions that minted a shock sensation classic.  

For more information about Film4 Frightfest Glasgow, check out their website here.



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