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The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Jeffrey Reddick will be directing his very first horror film titled The Final Reel. You may know Jeffrey as the creator of the Final Destination franchise, but he has also penned such films as Day of the Dead (2008) and Tamara.

Reddick will write and direct the film, which will revolve around a director who can twist reality through film and torment the residents of a small town by bringing their darkest nightmares to life.

While this will be Reddick’s first feature film directoral effort – he had recently wrote and directed a short film called Good Samaritan starring the lovely Rainn Wilson. Matt Nicholas will produce through his new production company, Rebel Maverick.

We’ve always had a soft spot for the Final Destination franchise so we can’t wait to see what Reddick will pull out of his sleeve when he finally gets behind the camera. Hopefully it will be something truly terrifying. Only time will tell.

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