You better watch out, Krampus is coming to town!

Adam Scott, Toni Collette and David Koechner are joining forces with Michael Dougherty on the director’s chair for ‘Krampus’, a Christmas horror tale.

For those who have no clue who Krampus is, well, you apparently have always been under the ‘nice’ kids category, for Krampus is the opposite of Santa! Krampus makes naughty kids pay the price for the mischievous things they’ve done throughout the year.

Adam Scott will be playing a workaholic dad who has been completely absorbed in business land and has forgotten how to be a good dad and husband. After his daughter gets abducted by Krampus, he realizes he needs to try harder in order to be the man his family needs.

Collette plays Scott’s wife, a strong, confident woman that won’t be easily intimidated by the wicked Krampus.

Koechner on the other hand will be a happy family guy that appears tougher than he really is.

Not many details about the exact plot of the film but you get the idea. I can see many parents using Krampus to convince their kids to behave properly in the future!

Check out the movie’s teaser gif cards









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