David Duchovny is a 60s LAPD cop!

Yap! The former sex maniac (“Californication”) wears his cop uniform in a new show that premiers at the end of May. “Aquarius” will air on NBC on Thursday, May 28, with a 2 hour first episode named “Everybody’s been burned”  9-11pm. The 2nd episode named “The hunter gets captured by the game” will air on Thursday, June 4 , 9-10pm.

The show sounds very promising. During the year 1967, LAPD sergeant Sam Hodiak (David Duchovny) investigates the disappearance of Emma (Emma Dumont), the teenage daughter of a high rank lawyer. Hodiak during his investigation, will face the disapproval of  hippie kids that are reluctant to collaborate with any form of authority. He joins his “powers” with a young undercover cop named Brian Shofer (Grey Damon) and an ambitious female rookie cop Charmain Tully (Claire Holt) in the hunt of a cult leader named Charles Manson (Gethin Anthony) who preys upon low self esteem and troubled women and encourages them to follow him as a leader.

Most of us have heard of the crazy stories behind the infamous Charles Manson so I think many of us are excited to see the man hunt in action. It will also be pretty cool to get a taste of the 60s era with sex, drugs and rock n’ roll with a revolutionary attitude!

“This is the ‘rise’ of the time of Aquarius, the time of Aquarius…” Sing Along Everybody!



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