Be careful whose house you are renting in the woods…

A group of friends go away for a weekend vacation to a recently foreclosed home. As they begin their vacation, the home’s past is uncovered as their weekend getaway becomes a fight to survive.
 When you rent a house for the weekend in order to share some chillaxing moments with your friends, you never really think of any bad consequences. Well, according to ‘Bloodlines’, a short film directed by Peter Frizalone, you could get yourself in serious trouble if the person who formerly owned the place still considers it his property. 
Our heroes never expected that their encounter with the creepy looking previous owner of the rental house would cause them so much agony and adrenaline rush. Just from the trailer we can tell that the hunt will be ruthless, the outcome is questionable and the survivor mode of our protagonists will hit its limit. 
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The film was filmed over the course of  3 days with a series of unfortunate events haunting the set. A heavy rainstorm challenged the crew’s plans causing delays and forcing them to reshoot the running in the woods scene. The “cherry on top” came when one of the exterior lights crashed down onto Frizalone’s car due to the powerful forces of nature. Despite the mishaps, the cast and crew managed to stay focused and the result looks really promising!
Frizalone, who is also the founder of MovieMan Productions LLC, wrote the script with his long time friend Louis LaRusso (who also appears in the film) and The Majors Productions co-produced it. Marc Riou was the Director of Photography and Robert LaRosa did the editing. The film has original soundtrack composed by Eros Cartechini. The cast features Bradley Brian Custer (Otis), Steve White (Bryan), Linda Elisabeth (Julie), Lauren A. Kennedy (Amber), Gregory Cioffi (Anthony) and Louis LaRusso (Jason).
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 ‘Bloodlines’ premiered at the Bellmore Movie Theater in June 2014. It won Best Trailer at the Long Island International Film Expo 2014, and was an official selection at Scare-A-Con 2014 in Syracuse, NY and at the International Spooky Movie Festival 2014 in Silver Springs, MD. That’s just the beginning of the festival journey!
We’ll keep an eye and let you know once it’s released. I don’t think you want to miss it!
Make sure you don’t watch the trailer when you are on vacation in a rental house!

Bloodlines (2014) Teaser Trailer from Bloodlines Film on Vimeo.



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