A ghost.  A killer toddler.  A zombie cat.  A creepy mother fucker.

Major spoilers below.

Aside from The Shining I’m not sure that there is any Stephen King horror novel that’s been adapted to film that I enjoy more than Pet Sematary – and everyone knows The Shining is not at all a faithful adaptation.

This movie has it all, jump scares, gore, undead, a creepy cat, the list goes on.  Honestly it’s so incredibly terrifying to watch and the fact that there is a Top 10 Animal Horror Movie List and Pet Sematary comes in at number 5 is so upsetting to me that I had to write this article.  Let’s get down to business and discuss why this film is so great (I’m saving the best for last.)

Zombie Cat – by now the average horror fan is sick of it.  Every other movie for a while there was zombies.  But how many of those movies did it in cat-form?  Besides, Pet Sematary was around before all of those tropes really became tropes anyway.  The cat, Church is the first to come back from the dead in this film.  This is where we realize that the cemetery actually works and it can bring living things back from the dead.  But when they come back they are a shell of their former selves.


Later in the film the Creed family’s young son Gage is struck and killed by a truck.  Unable to deal with his loss and armed with the knowledge of how the cemetery works Louis moves his son’s body to the infamous pet cemetery – creating one of the most badass killers ever.

pet cemetary

There’s also Victor, the ghost that shows up to warn Louis about bringing people back from the dead.  It’s actually the first truly creepy scene in the film.  But really he’s sort of an afterthought when you compare him to everything else this movie has.

victor ps

And finally… I don’t know about you but Zelda is hands down the most terrifying monster ever created in the history of cinema.  I can’t even explain to you exactly what it is about her that creeps me out so much – but the one scene when she’s (he’s?) hunched over and then lunges towards the camera with that smile on her face was enough to scar me for life.

ps zelda

Ultimately Pet Sematary is a film about dealing with loss and regret.  It’s not your standard slasher, or ghost story, or zombie movie for that matter.  It really is a film with something to say and I’m not really quite certain why it doesn’t get the respect it deserves, just look at all that it has to offer.

I’ll agree that it could definitely use a better title if it wants to be taken more seriously.  The average person hears Pet Sematary and probably thinks it’s some movie about cats and dogs coming back to life killing people – which it is sort of – but only in the good way.



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