A TV series of a remake of a foreign film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, A&E is developing a TV adaptation of the Swedish film (and novel) about a boy who’s rescued from bullies by a vampire girl.

Jeff Davis and Brandon Boyce will collaborate on the adaptation. Davis is best known as the creator of Teen Wolf. Boyce, whose writing credits include the adaption of Stephen King’s Apt Pupil, had a recurring role on Teen Wolf as Dr. Vandenburg. Boyce also recently published a novel, a Western called Here By The Bloods.

The original Let The Right One In was written by John Ajvide Lindqvist, the author of the novel of the same title. Both the novel and the film were instant successes: the book was a bestseller in Sweden, and the film was critically acclaimed around the world. ranked it #1 in its list of the greatest horror film of the 2000s, calling it a “work of art.”

Will Davis and Boyce be able to live up to such a high bar of excellence? As someone who finally gave up on Teen Wolf last season, I suspect the answer is no, but one can hope.



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