Viva Pictures along with DirecTV  acquired the U.S. rights to Exeter, a new horror flick directed by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 remake director, Marcus Nispel, HR reports. The film will be broadcasted exclusively on DirecTV July 2 but will also be released in theaters later this year.

Nispel stated:

“I am thrilled to have our film Exeter premiere exclusively on DirecTV, a premium platform that is also supported with massive P&A,. Horror fans can now enjoy my work ‘uncompromised.”

Kirsten McCallion, the writer of ‘Exeter’, focuses on the story of a group of teens who party at an abandoned asylum and accidentally release an evil spirit that starts to possess them one by one. Not the most original premise – but I was actually always a fan of the 2003 Texas Chainsaw remake. So let’s  see what Nispel has in store for us.

The cast includes Stephen Lang (Avatar), Brett Dier (Jane the Virgin) and Brittany Curan (Dear White People).

Exeter is writing media history since it is the first film to be released exclusively on DirecTV during a 30-day window prior to a theatrical debut. It is also worth mentioning that Exeter is the first film that Nispel has made that isn’t a remake or an adaptation. Curious to see the result? Let us know in the comments section below!

Here’s a quick trailer to get you talking:



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