He’ll eat your face off and then Gut you?

That’s right, be afraid, be very afraid! Hannibal writer Nick Ancosta takes a stab at Jason Vorhees in the upcoming Friday the 13th movie directed by Signals director David Bruckner.

With most of the details being kept hush-hush on this supposed mythology film, this is definitely some wind in our sails. With a myriad of projects under the young Ancosta’s belt including Teen Wolf, Last Resort, and Believe – we can’t be entirely sure we’re sailing in the right direction, but after watching Hannibal I’m willing to find out!

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th will be produced by Micahel Bay, Andrew Form,  and Brad Fuller of Platinum Dunes.

Release date set for Friday May 13th, 2015. How perfect is that?



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