Chase your bourbon with some horror.

Ted Raimi finally brings the internet something we never knew we have been waiting for — a horror-mixology web series.

Entitled Deathly Spirits, the four minute webisode sees the actor/director narrate ghost stories from the comfort of his couch and haunted house. Even more intriguing is the bartending that follows the episode. After reminding us just how scary ghost stories can be, Ted teaches us how to make a drink he calls “The Old Fashioned” — my chest burned from just watching it.

With a theme song created by David Royal and being produced by Raimi’s Spooky Voodoo Pictures, Deathly Spirits is surprisingly charming. Not only is it a nice change of pace from your typical Youtube webseries’ and Vevo music videos, but who doesn’t love ghost stories and alcohol?

And hey, it’s Friday – so sit down with a nice drink and check out the new episode below.



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