Follow It.

David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows has been enjoying a lot of success for an indie film with a small release. So it’s no surprise that the film’s producers are already thinking of a sequel. EW spoke to Tom Quinn, co-president of Radius-TWC, the film’s co-distributor (along with Dimension Films). “I don’t want to give away too much, but we’ve thought about it,” he said.

From EW:

“Flip the title,” Quinn says. “There’s so much you could do.”

If Quinn is hinting at the title Follow It—a really empowering reversal, if you think about it—the plot could have characters tracing their partners’ sexual histories to track the curse’s origin (while evading the killer creature), which would give the movie a strong allegorical element similar to the first film’s. The original’s heroine, Jay, or possibly an entirely new lead would have to take a literal journey through the messy ties of past sexual partners, a task that undoubtedly comes with its own lessons and parallels to the titular “it.”

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