Disney’s Haunted Mansion may finally be on the way and the Guillermo del Toro film will potentially bring Ryan Gosling along for the ride.

According to The Wrap Gosling and del Toro have developed a pretty good friendship. Gosling’s SXSW panel for his new film Lost River was moderated by del Toro and the duo further cemented their friendship by attending Disneyland together during Oscar weekend.

Based on the Disneyland ride of the same name, Haunted Mansion was first adapted into film when it hit theaters in a  2003 flick starring Eddie Murphy. A reboot was announced at a 2010 Comic-con convention and we’ve been collectively holding our breaths ever since.

With del Toro involved and and Gosling potentially signing on, hopefully we can get the flick sooner rather than later.

Check below to see what an experience on the ride looks like as well what we can possibly expect when Haunted Mansion finally returns to the big screen.



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