This may be the best trailer of all time.

Its been a really interesting couple of days for movie trailers. Yesterday The Human Centipede trailer single handedly changed my position on net neutrality — BAN EVERYTHING —  and now the trailer to Dude Bro Party Massacre III is here to remind us just how great cinema can be.

The ultra self aware Horror-Comedy is produced by 5-Second Films and parodies slasher films of the 80’s. Funded through Kickstarter and raising over $240,000, the film is essentially finished and has plans of  screening at film festivals. With a trailer consisting of Hollywood recognizables such as Larry King, Patton Oswalt, and Andrew W.K, this teaser is one you’ll want to watch more than a few times. I can’t recall seeing such an odd array of stars in a trailer before, but I was sold once I saw Larry King release air pollution as he struggled with his handmade spear.

There is no release date and unfortunately the last Kickstarter update was posted on January 15th, but with the trailer being released today this can only mean that more information will hopefully be leaked very soon.

Check out the trailer below where you can see the teaser in all its glory as well as the debut of my new favorite horror villain, ‘Motherface’.



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