Throwback To 80s Slasher Films.

In an homage to the vintage horror genre, directors Patrick R Young and Powell Robinson have released the trailer to their new film Bastard.

Bastard follows newlywed, hitch-hiking serial killers; a brother and sister on the run; and a trigger-happy suicidal cop as they get caught in an increasingly bizarre series of murders committed by a masked killer near a mountain-town bed and breakfast. Below is the trailer.

The filmmakers have said, “We don’t want to make a joke out of the time period,” the filmmakers continue, “but rather use it as an inspiration to tell a character driven horror story that evokes the same nostalgia you feel watching cult classics like Halloween, My Bloody Valentine, and Sleepaway Camp. Expect all practical effects and a synth-heavy score.”

The film is currently seeking distribution.



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