You’ll never believe what this documentary crew captured on camera…

What’s it like to be a vampire? You can find out soon, when the horror-comedy mockumentary What We Do In The Shadows, from Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) and Taika Waititi (Eagle vs. Shark) comes out on VOD May 5th. Take a look at the poster, below, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting.


Clement and Waititi co-wrote, co-directed, and co-star in this hilarious send-up in which an endearingly unhip quartet of friends reveal to us, or rather, to the documentary crew that’s filming them, the details of their daily – make that nightly – routine. Ranging in age from 183 to 8,000 and in appearance from adorably youthful to Nosferatu-crusty, they squabble over household chores, struggle to keep up with the latest trends in technology and fashion, antagonize the local werewolves, cruise clubs for lovely ladies, and deal with the rigors of living on a very, very strict diet.




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