“They’re coming!”

This is the qoute from Kennedi Clements character (Maddison Bowen) after her brother comes down stairs to find her having a seemingly one sided conversation with a static filled T.V. screen (but we know that’s not your average static). In my opinion the eeriest part of the clip is how eerily calm she is throughout the whole thing. “No, I’m not scared,” she replies to the thing behind the T.V. screen. Well, that makes one of us.

Through the rants and raves about remakes and sequels, I must say that this first clip of Gil Kenan’s remake of the original Poltergeist seems to work.  It finds a way to pay ode to the famous T.V. scene in the original but in a slightly new and equally terrifying way. He captured the essence of what made the scene scary. It seems simple, but simple doesn’t always mean easy.

I’ll let you be the judge. Original scene below:

New 1st Clip:

The news doesn’t stop there.  Fox has just released a new video of the creepy clown, using the popular new app “My Idol,” bringing the clown doll to life!

The first video was released on the Poltergeist official Facebook site. They will also be releasing additional videos via the film’s official Snapchat account, which are sure to be just as creepy and wonderful. “My Idol” is a cool, in-the-culture app created by Huanshi Ltd., which allows users to take a selfie or upload a pre-existing photo to create a 3D, interactive avatar. The app is free to download on the App Store, and though it is in Chinese, it isn’t hard to navigate for anyone who doesn’t read Chinese. It is currently trending on the App Store.
In a weird way… I think this is creepier than anything the new movie will actually throw at us. Maybe it will find its way into Unfriended 2.


Poltergeist’s wide release is May 22nd. More info available soon!



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