Star in your very own horror movie.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be the protagonist in your very own horror story, Night Terror is for you.

Night Terror is the augmented reality game that uses your phone to turn your house into a ghost filled nightmare. Using elements of your smartphone, the minds behind Novum Analytics have developed an app that will place you in your very own thriller where you must save an eight year old girl.

The gameplay relies on the complete darkness of your house. Once all of the lights in your home are off, Night Terror begins. Armed with only the LED light of your device, the game uses your phone’s camera to turn your environment into a real life thriller. Ghost jumping out of your bedroom and chasing you around your futon are all possibilities that the game provides.

Using extremely advanced technology, Night Terror is literally the perfect game for any horror fan out there. But in order to bring this game into your hands Novum Analytics have set up an Indiegogo page where fans can donate to the full creation of Night Terror. For as little as five dollars you can not only donate to the cause but also receive the game when it’s released.

For more information on Night Terror check out their Indiegogo page and scroll below to get a glimpse of what the gameplay will look like.

Our aim is to create the scariest game ever made. It’s a highly immersive, photorealistic, binaural, AUGMENTED REALITY survival horror game for mobile devices.  Gameplay takes place at home, after dark, with the lights off and your headphones on.

Think about a system that understands where you are in your environment, and is able to exploit that information in order to create an unbelievable augmented reality experience.

Think about playing a game where the storyline involves you. Consider a future full of movies you star in, experiences that seem real, and scenarios, in our case, that are freakishly frightening.

This is in your house. This is in your apartment. This is in your environment.

This is Night Terrors.

Congratulations Night Terror team: now we’re terrified of our own houses. Nothing is safe.



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