Straight from her work on ‘Kingsman’.

Sophie Cookson has signed on to play the lead in Hush, a film about a pair of sibling ghost hunters.

Screen Daily reports Cookson will play a young woman who “runs a ghostbusting ring with her sibling” in the film. “When the pair investigate a haunted foster home where a sadistic killer used to operate, they uncover a far more terrifying supernatural force.”

Adapted from a novella, the synopsis reads:

“Angela Sayers is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Convinced by her controlling brother to stop taking her medication, Angela’s world unravels just a little more when she discovers she can communicate with the dead. It’s not a welcome revelation. Her dead mother was driven mad by this gift. Eager to capitalize on their mother’s fame as a medium, her brother forces Angela to publically become the unwilling heir apparent. Soon, Sayers’ Medium Services is shamelessly exploiting the fears of the most vulnerable-the elderly, the feeble-minded, the grieving-for obscene profit. Uncertain if her increasingly fragile state of mind is caused by lack of medication, sleep deprivation, or guilt, Angela endures a plague of sleepless nights. If she’s going to have any semblance of a future, she knows she must find a way to confront her own demons-including the fear that it’s all in her head. When they are hired to cleanse an old orphanage that is genuinely haunted, it’s up to Angela to get everyone out alive. But with reality slipping away, can she escape the prison of her mind long enough to save them?

How do you think the film sounds? Are you ready to see a sibling pair hunt ghosts?



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