A Call To Save Independent Horror Films

The always crazy, mostly competent, but never boring William Malone (Parasomnia, Feardotcom, House On Haunted Hill, Tales from the Crypt) has released a kickstarter campaign asking you the viewer to help fund his latest eccentric horror Thallium’s Box.

thalliums box mask

Thallium’s Box has been described as “a feature horror film that blends the strange eccentric horror of the 70s and 80s with vividly fresh new terror in a way is that is unlike anything you have seen before.”


“It all begins with down-on-his-luck Owen, who answers an ad in the newspaper and gets a job at Luminous Processes, painting luminescent watch dials while dressed like a nightmarish bug. He then moves into The Dark Curtain Hotel, where many of the Luminous workers live. There he meets love interest Alice Finch and also Jade and Silk, the sexy twins from across the hall. Soon, he encounters the mysterious Professor Thallium, collector of oddities, who needs a favor – it’s a favor that may end his life.”

The kickstarter campaign has released a 16 minute video that not only appeals to true horror fans, but to fans of original story telling in general. It’s a candid video, very reminiscent of “Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like.” The campaign has 26 more days to reach it’s fundraising goal of $350,000, and is currently at $4,800 with 21 donating backers.  If you’re interested in the film reach it’s goal, just click on donation.  Here’s the campaign video below.

We’ll have more info for you soon so stay tuned!



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