I Ain’t Afraid Of NO Ghosts…

However, I  am deathly afraid of Poltergeist, and after this clip you should be too.  In this newly released clip to Gil Keenan’s remake of the 1982 cult classic, Jane Adams character (Dr. Claire Powell) tells us the difference between a haunting and a Poltergeist, or  how to seperate “the men from the boys” so to speak. What’s even worse, is the consequences that may ensue if you don’t…

The film about a suburban home that is invaded by evil forces stars Sam Rockwell, Rosiemarie Dewitt, Saxon Sharbino, and Jared Harris. While some have labeled this clip as boring (exposition, exposition, exposition, I know) I feel the set up is an intricate part. There’s always the calm before the scare! But hey, I’m just an invisible man who has somehow learned to write things via the internet (or vodoo magic if you were born before the 1949) you be the judge!





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