Is this guy for real?

The comedy horror Creep, from Patrick Brice and the Duplass Brothers, premiered over a year ago at SXSW, but somehow never got around to getting released, despite plans for a trilogy. Now, though, the wait is over: Netflix has obtained exclusive rights to the film, which will be available for streaming on July 14.

The synopsis:

Aaron (Patrick Brice) is an optimistic videographer that decides to come work for Josef (Mark Duplass) after answering his ad on Craigslist. All Aaron has to do is record Josef throughout the day and remain discreet about the entire setup. Josef tells Aaron that he’ll be recording a series of videos for his unborn son, as he’s suffering from a terminal illness and will never be able to see him grow up. While Josef seems strange, the money is too good for Aaron to pass up and he agrees to the task. However as the day progresses Josef becomes increasingly strange and Aaron finds it difficult to tell whether or not some of the things Josef is saying or doing are truly jokes or actually a sign of true danger and mental instability.

Here’s an interview with Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice about the film:



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