You might be alive… but will you ever be the same?


There’s a scene towards the end of Hostel (Spoiler Warning… does it matter? It’s been 10 years…) where the Asian captive who had her eyeball melted off by a blowtorch, you know the one, sees her mutilated face upon escaping. She becomes calm, cold, and quiet – and then immediate kills herself by jumping in front of a moving train.

Whenever I see that scene I always think to myself – I can’t really blame her. That sounds cruel, yes, but it’s also something that audiences don’t talk enough about. Why would you want to survive a horror movie? Seriously, directors have gotten so good at depicting demented, twisted, and down right life-scarring scenes that it doesn’t matter if you live or die – you’re life is definitely fucked up for the rest of time.

Hostel Eyeball Scene


I mean let’s just pick another random movie shall we? How about a classic like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Poor Sally has to watch all of her friends die one by one. That’s scary enough but when you throw in a crazy chainsaw guy with someone else’s skin for a face and a (probably) incestuous family of cannibal hicks… well you get the idea. Live or die. Wounded or not. She is 100% going to be messed up.

Do you think Sally can sleep at night? Do you think she can ever leave her house? Even if she slowly suppresses it over years and years of therapy – do you really think she’s happy inside? No way man. She may have lived but she’s been dead on the inside ever since she got on that pickup truck.

That’s what makes the recent film, It Follows, such an eerie success. It doesn’t matter if you survive “it” – you will never feel safe again. You will always be looking over your shoulder. Who knows, it might come back to you – I mean, why not? You certainly didn’t think a killer/monster/ghost was going to come after you the first time. You were wrong once. You might be wrong again.

It’s even worse for kids! Think any of the survivors of Nightmare on Elm Street ever really slept again? I’m willing to bet that the children from Poltergeist are either dead, criminals, or crazy cat people who live alone in a house with boarded up windows. Actually, no – they probably don’t even live in a house. The house is what was trying to kill them! They’re probably homeless beggars afraid of toy clowns and trees. My god, they can’t even enjoy trees anymore!

Poltergeist Tree

I think that’s why I actually feel a little sigh of relief when a horror movie ends with everyone dying. It puts an end to all the suffering. Let’s face it. Just because the final girls (and guys) walk away at the end of the movie with their hearts still beating – doesn’t mean they are really alive.

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