Fear the Walking Dead, AMC’s spinoff series of The Walking Dead, is set in Los Angeles. Ironically, though, it’s not being shot there. For the most part, filming is taking place in Canada. And apparently, locals in Surrey, BC can expect the zombie invasion to arrive at their doorsteps, as the production crew will dress up a local school as a hospital, and shoot a “civil unrest” scene there.

A notice of the production to the locals, below, explains that “the special effects department will be using some flame effects, spark effects, some effects, and some simulated gunfire”.

If I were there, I’d worry about an actual zombie outbreak occurring, and nobody realizing the difference until it was too late. But maybe that’s just me – I have a hard time remembering that real life doesn’t work like the movies.

The series premieres this summer, with a second season already slated for next summer.



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